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Hello, My Name is Kathy Finlan
Being a wife and mother at 47 years old and also a hairdresser for over 20 years I feel seasoned and eager to share my stories! I will start out blogging once or twice a week. Always on Mondays
Here are just a few topics I will be sharing..
I will be talking about my passion to help children! Our children are the worlds future! I believe we all can make a difference in a child’s life! 
I will be sharing a lot of my favorite styles and trends in decor and hairstyling! My expertise in these areas may empower you to make those home or hair changes that you’ve been thinking about.
Lastly, I will be sharing stories of how I ended up here! It was a bumpy road … maybe some of you could identify with and share how you’ve triumphed as well.
I will invite guest bloggers to discuss things that I think will help you because they’ve helped me.
I also intend on acknowledging people who have touched my story and helped me along the way in the hopes to encourage you to reach out to others in small or big ways – you just never know the effect a kind word or act will have.
I look forward to having you as my readers!
I thank God everyday!
Kathy ♥️
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Erin Hennessy
Erin Hennessy
3 years ago

I look forward to following!

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