Holiday Repurposed Decor

Have you ever repurposed an artificial Christmas tree? If not, here is a way you can do it!

Boy, was I disappointed yet again this year when I took out our fairly new artificial Christmas trees and lights were broken!

I was all set to throw the trees away when I thought of using the branches as decor in my window boxes. Normally in years past I would buy fresh evergreens from a local farm, but at five windows the cost adds up…

I gathered my ideas and went to work! The top of the tree was made into a miniature tree placed in a ceramic pot outside. I then wrapped in some old snowy berry garland I had on hand from previous years. Most of the added accents used were all decorations I already had.

My favorite is the centerpiece I had kept from a previous floral arrangement. I placed it in the window box over my kitchen sink which allows us to enjoy it every day! I also tried something new this year called Christmas solar lights! They were used in the window boxes as well as the potted tree top. It’s great not having wires all over! 

The total cost of my project was:
(5) solar lights from Home Depot @ $19.99
(2)  garland from Wayfair @ $11.99
TOTAL COST $134.84

Everything else was re-purposed from previous Holidays! I hope you enjoy and can use this repurposed idea!
Happy Monday! Love, Kathy❤️


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3 years ago

Amazing !!!! What a great idea. I’d love to see more repurposing ideas posted !!!

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