I’ve Got The Christmas “Feels”

How Do Christmas Decorations Make You Feel?

Every year my poor husband pulls out all of the bins filled with decorations for the holidays. Each year I look at them and feel both overwhelmed and excited all at the same time!

I have to admit, I do go overboard by having five different trees which are all 7 feet tall.
I always start out saying I’m not going to put everything out this year, but by the end of the week there’s not one piece of garland with lights left over.
It may take me a week to get everything decorated, but I love the presence of Christmas in my house! I love how our teenage boys still count down the days of Christmas from our Santa advent calendar.
Mostly, I love to just walk around the house and see all of the memories from our past Christmas…

I started to ask other people how Christmas decorations make them feel and I heard words like: HOME, PEACE, FAMILY, WARM, HUMBLED, KINDNESS, and LOVE!

Many of them said they love to go home and relax by their Christmas tree. My favorite response was from a client who said whenever she sees white Christmas lights she thinks of home! 

Hearing everyone tell me how the decorations makes them feel, made me think of what Christmas is really about!
It is a time to celebrate the birth of Jesus Christ! It also made me think of how all of these words used to describe Christmas decorations also describe God…HOME, PEACE, FAMILY, WARM, HUMBLED, KINDNESS, and LOVE!
I know the holidays can be crazy busy and stressful! However, I hope everyone stops to enjoy the warm fuzzy feeling you get from holiday decorations because of what they mean to each of you…

Merry Christmas,
Love Kathy 

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