Kindness this Holiday Season

I love how at this time of year people want to help others! What I love more is seeing kindness grow. It’s like they see the joy you get from helping others and just want to join in!

2012 Kindness Mission. That’s my son Jack, he’s the one with the black jacket on the left.

One year when my boys were in elementary school one of their friends mothers (Kelly Mateja) came up with a brilliant idea!

Morning of kindness mission!
I remember I was home sick and was unable to attend. But Kelly was kind enough to let Jack tag along with her! That was eight years ago!
I’m sure Kelly never imagined it would grow as big as it has! This will be it’s 8th year! Kelly said they now have over 1400 people signed up… 312 families/groups!

On kindness morning…..Everyone has a mission!
Everyone’s mission to spread kindness! To help others, and to be kind!
Kelly does not know this but I attached myself to that mission. Throughout the last seven years I have tried my best to help others! Jon and I have made that mission a strong value in our lives and house hold!

Reflecting today the kindness I have seen my boys have fills my heart!
I remember one year we did not sign up for kindness morning.
The kids were a little disappointed. Because everyone else was doing it but they were not!

So I went to my Facebook and looked at the first five people I thought that could use some holiday cheer and we brought them pretty little Christmas tree centerpieces and goodies to eat. The kids were so happy and we had so much fun doing it!

Every year my family and I do something kind for someone else. Some years it was small and some years it was huge!

For the past two years we have brought holiday cheer to the seniors at Bishop Broderick. Last year we raised 40 bags of groceries for the seniors and this year was amazing! God is good all of the time! With a simple Facebook post and a little bit of determination my mother and I found a Santa for 55 seniors at the Bishop Broderick!

But it gets even better… the more people I told about the event the more people wanted to help. Every item needed for their holiday party was donated!

I had people reaching out to me wanting to help. I felt so bad telling them that everything was taken care of! Their holiday party is today.
I can’t wait to go over and say Merry Christmas to all of them!

My wish this Christmas is to have kindness grow all year long!

And to Kelly, Thank you! I grew from your kindness!

Merry Christmas everyone, I hope you make wonderful memories and bring joy this Christmas!
Love Kathy



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