Live life to the fullest…

This is something I wrote and shared five years ago on my Facebook page.

Laugh, it is a great detox of ugly that lives in your soul! 
Cry sometimes, your tears give you clarity.
Love, everyone just as God does! 
God made you a parent to Teach, Love, and Protect his child!
Mom’s jump up and down until you pee, Its ok!
Dad’s live with us not for us!
God gives you friends to share your stories of life. 
God gives you BEST friends to shop with, dance with, laugh with, and cry with!
God gives you neighbors to wave at everyday, borrow eggs from, run to when you need help and love because they are your neighbor!
Be real! 
DON’T live with hate, you will only hurt yourself!
I may get really, really mad at you. But I will always forgive you! 
I will say I am sorry and mean it! 
I will laugh at you, But not make fun of you.
When I love, I will love with all my heart.
I want to live life, with honesty, integrity, & humanity 
If you need shelter, I will open the door to our home.
If you need my comfort, I will open my arms to you. Even if I never met you before.
If your are sad, or hurt I will make you chocolate chip cookies! 
We ALL have insecurities, remember that the next time you judge someone!
We have our own personal journey. There are parts we want to cherish forever and there are parts we want to forget the second after they happen.
We should not expect everyone to have wisdom. If your are fortunate enough to even get it! It takes years of teaching, and the strength to embrace it!
This life that we are living RIGHT NOW is a life that can be taken away RIGHT NOW!
I am NOT perfect. I don’t claim to be, nor do I want to be. I believe there is only one perfect person and that is God! 
God my father! He is whom I have confessed to my sins.

Find a daily quote. This is the one I chose.
“Christ who gives me strength” 
God won’t give you more than you can handle. Although there may have been times you thought the world was caving in on you, you got through it. You are much stronger than you think and with God’s power, you are stronger than you can imagine. So charge ahead, you can handle it.

Finally, Before you close your eyes to end your day, Thank the person that loved you enough to give it to you!

Love, Kathy ♥️

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