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Jon and I went for a walk in our neighboring park today. We were building our home the same time the park was being established. Almost 19 years ago. Infact we were one of the first couples to have our wedding photos taken in front of the pond. It was the opening day of the park. Thousands of people watched as Jon and I had our photos taken. Our town supervisor was kind enough to come over and greet us! Over the years we have made many memories in the park. Between picnics, birthday parties, holiday photos, and one of my favorites was watching Jack ride his bicycle with no training wheels for the first time! He was just about to turn four years old. His determined personality showed at a young age. Having all those flashbacks filled my heart! 
Today as Jon and I walk through the park. I felt like we were walking through the twilight zone. Everyone was practicing their 6ft of social distancing. No one must’ve told the ducks or geese about this distancing thing. They always seem to be together when I would see them. In all my years of living here. I’ve never seen the park so empty. I typically could hear all the kids at the playground from my backyard. As we were walking through the park, I only saw a few kids. At one point I actually laughed out loud. This woman had just got out of her car, She must’ve said 10 times “wow this place is huge!!!” When I looked at her she had the biggest smile on her face. (Like, wow do you see how beautiful this place is?) Her smile gave me hope! It was just enough to pick me up to smile at someone else.

This morning I watched two church services. That’s actually nothing new for me. I’ve been doing it for a while now. I was happy to see a lot of my friends were watching along. A lot of people know I have a strong faith. I have for most of my life. My faith was not given to me or introduced to me by anyone other than God. I recently did a bible study. The study pointed out to me how God was in my life during every pit of pain and fear I’ve ever had. I can’t help but feel today that the Bible study renewed my faith to prepare me for the fear that was coming.I have even been practicing social distancing not by choice it just happened that way. Selling my salon and working from home keeps me home a lot now more then ever! This July will be a year that I have been working from home. It has given me so much peace and more importantly time to focus on what’s really important. Being home everyday when the kids get home from school has made me realize I missed out on so much. It also has pointed out to me that my kids are growing up and they need guidance now more than ever!

My soon to be 14 year old son told me last night he had a headache and chest pain. I looked at him and wanted to say “you have the same thing I do. Don’t worry it’s not the coronavirus. It’s fear” My next thought was, my poor baby is scared. I was so proud of him to say his feelings out loud the way he did. He and I have been disagreeing over the music he has been listening to. Last night when I went in to say prayers with him. He showed me his new playlist. It was K loves top 20! I know in my heart the words of God will ease his fear more than some song about sex, drugs or violence. It seems to be in every song lately at least in some form. People think just because it has a great beat, it’s a good song. But take a pair of AirPods and then listen to the words. That’s what this generation is listening to. No wonder they have so much anxiety. 

I believe God wants our attention. It blows me away how many people say they don’t believe in him. How could one not believe in a higher power. I wish faith was as contagious as the Coronavirus.

Tonight when I pray I will not just pray for healing powers. But I will pray that we all feel our faith more than our fear tomorrow!

Love Kathy ❤️

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3 years ago

Beautifully written. My favorite one yet.

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Trisha Westfall
Trisha Westfall
3 years ago

Kathy, what a great message! Thanks for lifting us up during such uncertain times!

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