My Oldest Memory of New Years Eve

I was about eight or nine years old, my brother Bobby was just a year older then me. My Nana Kate asked if my brother and I would go and get her sardines to celebrate New Year’s Eve. My brother and I walked about 6 blocks to the closest store. After returning with her sardines she told us we could keep the change. We then walked back to the store to buy some candy so we could celebrate New Years too! I can remember sitting in a big burgundy chair facing the tv. My Nana Kate and I watched the ball drop on Tv. A young Dick Clark was hosting the show at the time.
The other tradition my Nana Kate did on New Years Eve, was to put dimes on her windowsills. She said it brought wealth and prosperity in the home throughout the year!
I have continued that tradition for many years now!
I was just 10 years old when she passed away. Her passing was my first heart break! I cherish the memories I have of her. My cousin Kathy just recently gave me a photo of our Nana Kate from when she was just a teenager. My husband Jon looked into the framing company. James Vent & Son’s Art Store on 34 N. Pearl St. in North Albany. It was established in 1885 and closed in 1914. I’m guessing the photo is close to the year 1911.
The photo of her instinctively reminded me of my son Jack. I saw it in her eyes! I’m assuming in the photo she was around the same age that Jack is now.

1114 Broadway North Albany

I love the Photograph! I have it displayed at Little Bella Studio.

I will cherish it forever!

I don’t think anyone could get me to eat sardines but running around before midnight on New Year’s Eve and putting dimes in all my windowsills, I hope will go on for years to come!

I hope this New Year is everything you need it to be!

I’m so excited on the vision I have for 2020!

Happy New Year Everyone!

Love Kathy <3


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