My Spiritual Life Journey

Week 1-
I try to improve myself every day!-
I won’t sugarcoat this – Being honest with oneself is one of the hardest things that a person could do – at least it is in my case!
Thinking about my past has been difficult. Try writing it all down! Boy, it gave me a different perspective. In the first couple of days, I cried a lot.

I had memories that I didn’t even realize I still remembered!
It absolutely blew me away to remember where I came from and where I am today. Not just physically but emotionally and mentally!

Taking a pain inventory and writing down the most painful parts of my life was extremely tough but enlightening!

I will tell you what it taught me. I now know why I feel a certain way about people and situations! Writing my pain down also showed me that I live in a pattern. It is that pattern I want to break!

The moment fear starts to creep up – the pain is right behind it.
Realizing the strategies I used to use to escape the pain has not been my greatest suit. Anger and flight seem to be my go-to! Then a tidal wave of tears usually is to follow….

I do not want my PAIN to remain because of my FEAR!

Also, I learned that some of my pain will be with me forever.
However, it’s how I choose to deal with it; that is going to make all the difference in my life!

I believe completing this exercise of writing down – with pen and paper – all of my painful memories is the greatest tool that I’ve ever found!

In week 2, I plan to tackle ‘Responsibility and how to create my own reality.’
I’m so excited to see how these next couple of weeks play out!
I’ll pray for you, and I hope you’ll pray for me too!
Love Kathy❤️

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