Palm Sunday

Today is Palm Sunday, and Jon reminded me how we spent many years on this special Holy day.

READY for this…

We attended hockey banquets, probably followed by baseball practice. I was usually lucky enough to have a friend grab me a palm from church if I went to the banquet.

I recently listened to a service from a pastor down south who said.. God was mad that sports took over His day of prayer. He said instead of parents bringing their kids to church and learning His word, they took them to a place to play sports. Instead of teaching them to worship God, they encouraged their kids to idealize athletes.

I always hated how there would be sports during the time we should have been at church!

When the boys were little, our church did a reenactment of Jesus coming in on a real pony/donkey! This was a special surprise only for the kids during their Bible study. The kids were so excited to tell us every detail. I can still hear Lukey telling us how they all received a palm and waved at Jesus as he rode by!

Last night, my family and I watched The Ten Commandments on TV.

I couldn’t help but compare the story to today’s life events.

Was that green ugly muck that took many lives the same as today’s coronavirus? Will only our faith in God save us?

I hope we all take time today (now that we have it) to pray on this Holy day. I pray that in these coming weeks -that doctors say are going to be the worst for us – that we will worship our faith.

I pray that God will free us from this evil beast that is taking so many lives.

I pray that during this Holy Week we smile through our tears, and our faith brings us to a resurrection of TRUTH. A truth that represents the Ten Commandments that God asked of us.

In His name Amen💜


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