Presidential Campaign 2020

A few months ago as our presidential campaign started, I shared with some people that I knew the perfect person for this coming election.

This person not only has the most years of experience but also cares for every single person who lives on earth.

He is the one person that many Americans turn to when they need help the most! 

He is usually able to give us exactly what we need, yet conservative enough to not give us everything we want. 

When you really think about everything He has already done for our world, your heart can’t help but become humbled! 

He not only has saved my life but continues to amaze me every day! 

I feel honored to call Him my hero. 

Throughout my life, I have witnessed how He has left building blocks that teach our youth and represent the foundation of our future. 

I have witnessed many people turn their backs on Him but then come to Him for their needed saving.

Over the years, I have shared my experiences of Him with others.
Some people looked at me as if I were crazy, and some people choose to not relate at all. But then, there would be those who wanted to share their seasons of His presence.

You see, He represents everything that is right and truthful. 
There is not an ugly place in His being. His mission is to save all of us, not just some of us. 

Everything He does is for the good!  I believe we all need Him, and I believe most of us trust our lives to Him! 

I can tell you many reasons why He would be the best person for the job, but the sad part is that He is with us only in spirit.

He can’t sit behind the desk in the Oval Office. He can’t  stand on a podium and make promises to you.

His flesh does not live among us.
The faith and hope that He bestows upon us is worth more than any piece of gold! 

I believe the presence of God would bring more peace and prosperity than any past, present, or future president could ever bring!

I know when I started this blog, I said I did not want to talk about politics.
That is still how I feel.
But it is sad for me to see the amount of people who voice their opinions in such hurtful ways.

However lately, I have to say that I am pleased about the way both the Democrats and Republicans are handling this tragic pandemic.

Seeing them work well together makes me feel hopeful!
My only wish now is their behavior will now become that of their supporters.

Our World, Country, Economy and most importantly our Youth need us to behave with kind and humble hearts.

It is okay to have an opinion; however. it‘s not okay to treat people in a cruel way if they don’t share the same view.

I wish people did not feel the need to express their views in such a mean-spirited manner.

I will not share who I plan on voting for in the next election.

Yet, I will tell you that God always has my support! I also believe that God will never forsake us.

With that being said, whomever becomes the president of the United States, whether if he is Republican or Democrat – I will respect him and not hate on those that do not support him.

I will walk away from negative and hurtful opinions because I believe that is what God would do!

Stay home – stay healthy – wash your hands.

Love,Kathy ❤️


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