Socially Risky Goods

Some time ago a woman I know told me she bought her jeans from Walmart. This isn’t just an ordinary woman. This is a woman who always looks like a million bucks! Well when I was in Walmart this past fall, I stopped by the denim department to see what they had. Only because I really didn’t want to spend a lot of money on jeans while I am trying to lose weight.
To my surprise I saw a pair of jeans that I LOVE! Regular price was $17.98. I chuckled to myself while putting them in my cart never thinking these Walmart jeans would really work out for me. The next day I wore them to work and to my surprise…Almost all of my clients complimented me on my new WALMART Jeans!

I was happy to share where I bought them and how much I paid for them.
As a teenager and adolescent I would never think of buying clothes from Walmart, afraid of what others would think or make fun of me, but now I’m happy to say……
Life at 47 is so chill

Love Kathy  <3



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